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On E-Channels. Hello world.

Dear colleagues,

here I start brand new (or just “yet another”) blog in this blog packed world. I hope very much that all my energy and experience in internal bloging won’t be sucked out too soon. And I will be deliver you a lot of interesting ideas and links for your professional development and daily inspiration.

But first of all, let’s lay down base line – what is E-Channels?

I started my professional carrier more that 10 years ago. I can even remember pre-internet world of BBS and FidoNet with never-forgettable sounds of modem handshake as my teenage years soundtrack. Latter came Internet, Web development, weblications, start-ups, internet marketing, social media optimization and more. And I never used this term because of one small reason. I lived in e-universe. And everything was “E”. So no MUDA to use it. Until recently.

I’ve joined multi-channel organization. E-channels or Electronic Channels are just a part of all distribution channels. And “E” stands as full self-service or means of communication with a real person on the end of the wire.

But I love this term. Even it is not so popular and usually used in corporate world. And I hope you will do it too.

So, for me e-channels will be full customer value chain in internet or other dedicated networks – internet marketing, e-commerce, self-service, mobile, etc. I will passionately dig in to innovations, user experience, new devices, front end interactions and back-end systems that enables everything.  And most important – value for customer and business.

As I work in financial industry this blog will heavily focus on it  – online banking, mobile banking, payments, etc.

So, hello world, welcome to Sakmanas On E-Channels.